S13 SR20DET Top Feed Fuel Rail kit w/ BOSCH 720cc Fuel Injectors – Low mount

$580.00 plus GST/HST

Designed with the most modern port fuel injectors available on the market (Bosch EV14), not only is this kit a nice cosmetic addition to any build, it also has cutting edge technology and performance built in. Our new low profile kit uses the shortest injectors available for a sleek, compact fit and finish. The new, unmodified Bosch injectors utilize a laser cut 9-hole orifice for ultra fine fuel atomization. This contributes to a more complete combustion event which promotes a smoother idle, better throttle response, lower emissions and more power throughout the HP curve*.

This kit will support engines making up to 400bhp at a base fuel pressure of 43.5psi, on pump gas. At a base fuel pressure of 58psi(4bar), these injectors will support up to 480bhp.

NOTE: This will NOT fit the Nissan S14 or S15 SR20DET Engine.

This kit includes:
Fuel Rail:
– 1x High flow billet fuel rail (11mm o-ring). Anodized BLACK finish.
– 3 x rail spacers & cap screws
– 2 x -6an ORB fuel fittings for inlet and outlet on fuel rail
– 2 x copper spacers for fuel rail fittings
– 4 x CNC aluminum adapters with o-rings- For lower manifold to injector tip.
Fuel Injectors:
– 4 x New BOSCH 720cc high impedance fuel injectors – WITH calibration/tuning info.
– 4 x USCAR pin-in/crimp on electrical connectors for an OE fit and finish.

Why switch to top feed?
– OEM style side feed injectors can be problematic, are difficult to install, and flow rate choices are limited.
– With a top feed fuel rail you have the ability to use a variety of different brands, and flow rates to accommodate your needs.
– Top feed fuel injectors are less expensive and more readily available when, or if, you need to upgrade.

What else is needed for install?
You will need an external fuel pressure regulator of your choice, and some fuel line & fittings. THATS IT!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

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* Actual injectors may vary. Stock Photo. Filters and pintle caps may vary in design and color.