5 – 650cc BOSCH EV14 Fuel Injectors Volvo T5 S60 S70 V70 C70 S80 TURBO

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5- 650cc Bosch EV14 Fuel Injectors WITH adapters!

ASNU flow matched – W/ 1yr Warranty!


Looking for a larger injector for your high powered 5cly Volvo turbo engine? Up for sale is a set of five (5) high performance BOSCH EV14 – 650cc/min fuel injectors. These are HIGH IMPEDANCE so NO resistor boxes are necessary! These injectors have an 14.5mm top o-ring suitable for 14mm fuel rails. Also included are the proper USCAR to EV1 electrical connectors for a DIRECT FIT for the applications listed below! NO SPLICING REQUIRED!

These BOSCH EV14 injectors are compatible with all known fuels, including alcohol and E85. They offer fast response times, predictable flow down to 2ms, and maintain linear flow up to 8 BAR fuel pressure. Great for small-medium displacement engines making big power. This set can support up to 490hp at 90% duty(3bar FP), and over 530bhp at 4bar.

Again, these are NEW, UNMODIFIED Bosch injectors, with the 16-hole laser cut discharge. All necessary tuning info is supplied with this set.


Direct fit for:
B5204T2 engine:
1996–1997 Volvo 850 badged as 850 R (2.0)
1997–1998 Volvo S70
1997–1998 Volvo V70
1997–1998 Volvo C70
B5204T3 engine:
1997–2000 Volvo S70 badged as S70 T5 2.0
1997–2000 Volvo V70 badged as V70 T5 2.0
1999–2000 Volvo S80 badged as S80 T5
B5204T4 engine:
2001–2005 Volvo C70 badged as C70 2.0T (convertible)
2001–2002 Volvo C70badged as C70 2.0T (coupé)
B5204T5 engine:
2000–2006 Volvo S80[29] badged as S80 2.0T
2001–2009 Volvo S60 badged as S60 2.0T
2000–2007 Volvo V70 II badged as V70 2.0T
B5234T engine:
1993–1996 Volvo 850 badged as 850 T-5, also badged as 850 Turbo
B5234T3 engine:
1997–2000 Volvo S70 badged as S70 T5
1997–2000 Volvo V70 badged as V70 T5
1998–2002 Volvo C70 badged as C70 T5 (convertible)
1997–2002 Volvo C70badged as C70 T5 (coupé)
2000–2004 Volvo V70 II badged as V70 T5
2001–2004 Volvo S60 badged as S60 T5
B5234T4 engine:
1996–1997 Volvo 850 badged as 850 R (models with manual transmission)
1998 Volvo S70 badged as S70 R (models with manual transmission)
1998 Volvo V70 badged as V70 R (models with manual transmission)
B5234T5 engine:
1995 Volvo 850 badged as 850 T-5R
1996 Volvo 850 badged as 850 R (model with automatic transmission)
B5244T engine:
2000 Volvo S70 badged as S70 2.5T or S70 2.5T AWD
2000 Volvo V70 badged as V70 2.5T or V70 2.5T AWD
2000 Volvo V70 XC badged as V70 XC 2.5T AWD
2000–2002 Volvo C70[27] badged as C70 2.5T (convertible)
2000–2002 Volvo C70[27] badged as C70 2.5T (coupé)
B5244T2 engine:
2000 Volvo V70 badged as V70 R AWD
B5244T5 engine:
2005–2009 Volvo S60 badged as S60 T5
2005–2007 Volvo V70 II badged as V70 T5
B5254T engine:
1997 Volvo 850 badged as 850 AWD850 GLT or 850 2.5T
1997–1999 Volvo S70 badged as S70 2.5T or S70 AWD
1997–1999 Volvo V70 badged as V70 2.5T or V70 AWD
B5254T2 engine:
2003 Volvo S60 badged as S60 2.5T or S60 2.5T AWD
2003 Volvo V70 II badged as V70 2.5T or V70 2.5T AWD
2003 Volvo XC70 Cross Country badged as XC70 2.5T AWD
2003 Volvo S80 badged as S80 2.5T
2003 Volvo XC90 badged as XC90 2.5T AWD
B5254T2-R (B5254T4) engine:
2004–2007 Volvo S60 badged as S60 R AWD
2004–2007 Volvo V70 II badged as V70 R AWD

Please contact us if you do not see your application.

Injector Body Design: EV14 Metal and composite plastic
Length: 3 inches, 74 mm
Diameter: 16 mm
Orings: Top and bottom, 14mm/14.5 mm
Resistance: 14.5 Ohms
Filterless, with a single hole fuel delivery nozzle.


FLOW RATES on gasoline @ 52* C:
650cc at 3bar/43.5psi
680cc at 3.5bar/50psi
710cc at 4bar/58psi

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We are here to help. Thanks for looking!

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